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Rivetown Town Square

Antioch's downtown has the potential to be the heart of the city. Located right next to the beautiful waterfront delta, this area of town is working to be the economic hub of the city. The Old Beedee Lumber Yard represents an opportunity to support the community and provide a space for the city to come together.

Our Story

The Old Beede Lumber Yard has been an important part of the history of this city. Located in the heart of Antioch's Rivertown Downtown, the Beede Lumber Yard is a critical piece of downtown. 


The Rivertown Preservation Society is working to preserve our historic downtown waterfront by building a privately funded public park and event center. When City Council has started negotiations to build high-density housing in this same lot, against the wishes of this city's citizens, this group stepped up to make sure the community was heard.. In an independently run assessment of downtown, consultants found that downtown housing would pose numerous problems.

Consultants and Economic experts have long advised that public open spaces are key to revitalizing Antioch's downtown. This park and event center will serve as the cultural and social hub of downtown, jumpstarting the economic development of the entire downtown area.

In early 2022, after a presentation by myself and other members of the Rivertwon Preservation Society, the City Counicl gave direction to make the Beedee Lumber Yard a community space! 

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